Friday, August 16, 2013

May I have a Drum Roll Please...

Introducing our newest addition....
This sweet guy was found at the Cali Mex border living out in a field and had been dragged 20' by a car before being rescued. After a few months of rehab and fostering he was now ready for his forever home.  I am so happy and thankful we were able to adopt him. I think he will be a perfect fit for our family.
He looks a bit like Hobo in that he's a Sheppard mix. He is smaller though, his facial markings are different and he has a super cute floppy lil ear. He was a little unsure of everything when we first got home this afternoon but quickly settled in. I'm not sure he has spent much time inside with the exception of the hospital? After sniffing, peeing and running around the property he came inside and within a short time was napping next to Jack. He didn't seem interested in the chickens at all during their first meeting. He, like Jack seems more interested in their poo, yuck. I was and am concerned about that since they free range but so far so very good.
Okay so his name is Duke and I love it, makes me think of John Wayne. I, however tend to throw an "ie" sound on the end of our animals names for some reason...Weird I know but I do, can't help myself.

Second Chance - Chancie,  Choochie, Cheechie Chooch
Jackson Brown -  brown dog, Roonie, Boogie, Jackie, Limpy, Lumpie Lou and a gazillion others
Hobo was Gee Gee Joe
Duke - ie

See the problem?  Due to this I'm thinking I'll need to change his name since Dookie  just sounds wrong.
I like Tucker, Cooper, Riley and Harley... Both Riley and Harley have the E sound already. I think I'll wait a few days for him to fully settle in and see his personality.  Perhaps I can come up with a nick name that would work if we left his name as is? After all Duke IS a great name...
He's a little over a year old and has had a really crummy start to life. I promise he'll have a great rest of his life here with us and I can't wait to spoil him, I mean shucks... look at that face. Sigh. He is such a gentle sweet boy who is now stuck to me like glue. I am smitten to say the least and so very thankful our paths crossed.


  1. oh, i'm glad for all of you! glad duke has settled in well with everyone and everything! bless you!

  2. Love him! I'm certain you'll find the right name. I adopted a border collie from Charlotte and when she came to me her name was Palin (I was/am her fourth home) and I tried to come up with other names that sounded similar and settled on "Taylor." A few days later I found out her birth name was "Sam" and when I called her by that name she had the revolution of, "You KNOW MY NAME - I LOVE YOU!" and we've been buddies for four years now. I love Sam.

    Your guy is so sweet and handsome!

  3. Thank you so much for rescuing! I work in animal rescue in NC and it it a never ending battle to save lives. Even 1 adoption is a huge step in the right direction. Duke looks like a sweet dog and I wish you many happy years together!

  4. Congratulations! He is one LUCKY pup! And very handsome, too! There's something about a floppy ear on a dog that is so darn cute :-)

  5. Congratulations..You did a good thing and he'll love you forever for it..

  6. Who can be so cruel and abandon an animal? Duke looks adorable and I wish you and him many wonderful years together!

  7. Seriously loving that face. And that bent ear! You could hug all over him. Little B said you could leave his name Duke and just call him Duke Man. Gotta love a 9yr old thought process huh. He's a lucky guy to have found you guys. :)

  8. His dreams just came true!! best home ever! He is a doll and all your pet nick names crack me up. I get it! So nice to catch up with you today. Love your old Friend Tracie