Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Good Visit...

Last Thursday afternoon Monkey and I drove into San Diego to pick up family who was flying in. We left early and planned to visit Little Italy for a snack and a walk before heading to the airport.
We started here at the Pizzeria where shared a couple slices, intentionally saving room for desert from our favorite bakery.
We went in hoping for the Strawberry Napoleon but they hadn't made any the day we visited instead it was Banana. Holy Moly was it amazing! One bite in... And we were like Strawberry what? It was seriously delicious!
After stuffing ourselves silly we went for a walk around the harbor. The weather was perfect. I loved the smell of salt in the air, the sound of water lapping against the edges and watching people heading out on their boats to finish their day.
San Diego is such a beautiful place. So much history, so much to see and so much to do.
We found this spot to watch the sunset and sat happily until it was time to head across the street to the airport.

The house was full this weekend with so much love and laughter. By yesterday afternoon everyone left and the house is again quiet.  What a great time it was though.  Good food, good people and lots of good times.

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. you had treats even before company arrived. nice! :)

  2. So glad you had such fun!! And that everyone was able to be there for it :)

  3. Great pictures! How I would love to be there ...

  4. The last shot is my favorite..perfect for sunset,sunrise,reading a book or watching the sea! AND the bakery looks like paradise!

  5. That bakery looks like my kind of place! I could do some serious damage there :) Love the photos - I hope to visit San Diego someday. The climate there is just about perfect from what I've heard.

  6. That bench is SO calling my name. Gorgeous pics, as usual! Thanks for giving me a mini vacation at my computer :-)

  7. Last year I bought a beautiful red tablecloth in Little Italy. Oh, tell me where this bakery is, please!