Monday, March 5, 2012


With all the activities lately, I've been feeling the pull for some much needed quiet. No movement, either physically or mentally, simply some time to quiet my mind. Fortunately for me i find this when i knit, the clicking sounds of the needles are comforting, the progress i make one stitch at a time brings me quiet joy, rejuvenates and fills my need of stillness.

I saw this cowl pattern over at Spider Woman Knits and knew it was perfect. Just what i was looking for to quiet myself, a quick and easy peasy project with an almost instant reward. So i started rolling...


a couple minutes later i was ready to cast on.

rolled and ready

and a couple hours later...


Bam! I was done and ready to enjoy my new cowl. The yarn i used is from a little fiber store in Ojai that i bought a few years ago. The yummy alpaca fiber is so soft and warm around my neck. I wore it out with and without a jacket over the weekend and love it! If you're looking for a quick, almost instant knit check this pattern out, i think you'll love it too.

a brown dog update ~
Jack's pain seems to be subsiding, thankfully and he's getting the three legged hop down so he's able to move around a bit more. Still lots of quiet for him, after a lot of research it seems we are really looking look at three to four months of rehab. That's okay we'll spend some quiet still time together and maybe I'll crank out a few more of these cowls. It's all good.


  1. Love the yarn you made the cowl with Jen! Pretty with all the bits of color in it. I still feel bad for poor Jack. I hope he heals as quick as possible. :)

  2. Beautiful the colors and I know that yarn - perfect choice!

    Big hug to Jack, he's such a gentle boy but I'm sure the love and healthy dog food will have him up and around to all.

  3. Love the colors! I think this would take me much for than a couple of hours ... I am a very slow knitter.

    Glad to hear that Jack is on the mend.

  4. Love the cowl! cute pic of you, too!! --Robin