Friday, March 30, 2012

this week I...

Enjoyed warm days and cool nights

Rode Chance during my lunch break, everyday

Watched Monkey fall off Brandie during her lesson

Watched her get back on trot and lope like a rock star she is sitting much better in the saddle

Made plans to see a friend

Lost two cauliflower and one tomato plant to the gopher hiding in my garden

Purchased pellets and more C02 for the pellet gun for said gopher because a 12 gauge would explode the dang thing

Finished weeding the garden

Switched from chick starter to layer crumbles

Watched the preview of Hungry for Change

Bought a long awaited juicer

hooray it's Sunday
Hobo G is happy it's Friday. The weather man say's we finally get a weekend without rain and i am super happy about that! Woot Woot


  1. I would love for the rain to head my way! I need a pellet gun for all of the tree rats, I mean squirrels, in my yard. On second thought, a 12-gauge would work too! I don't care if they are blown to smithereens.

  2. That's a very busy week..hope you slow down a bit and enjoy the weekend..happy trotting.
    I'd need a shot gun too to have any chance of hitting a gopher.

    Hello to all, love the blog updates until we see eachother in person!!