Sunday, March 18, 2012


Friday Chance and i kicked off the weekend by going on a nice trail ride after breakfast. We rode back through the vineyards and saw sleeping owls in there boxes and the promise of spring. The vines are now pruned, tied and in various stages of budding. It felt great to be away from my desk and outside soaking in the cool crisp air ahead of another rain storm.

signs of spring

Friday night the music man had a show up north so i was able to spend the evening with the Bug and some good friends.

The photo shoot for Saturday was rained out, maybe i should say i was rained out. The event was outside on the beach and weather was nasty. The rain was coming down in sheets sideways because of the wind and our umbrellas were no match, think of a bowl instead of a dome haha. So sadly i wasn't able to bring my camera out of the truck, we watched for a bit and left drenched.

Speaking of the beach, monkey went camping and was rained out too, they packed up and left Saturday morning soaked and cold. The music man is sick again so we spent the rest the weekend quiet, inside and close to the fire place listening to the storm outside.

Our weather is a kind of crazy, a few days ago we were in the 80's and today we didn't get out of the 40's, we've had hail off and on and even a dusting of snow right down the road last night. Nope, it doesn't typically snow here and it did melt right away, in a couple days we are supposed to be back into the 70's. The garden is loving the rain and since i haven't planted any warm weather veggies yet it's all good.

The girls are big enough that the cold is not bothering them either. They do have shelter in their coop and i gave them some strawberry stems and melon for snack and something to do, they loved it. Finally, Jack is putting more weight on his leg and seems to be getting a bit better every week, thankfully.


  1. The rain really did come down hard this weekend. Glad to hear that Jack is feeling better.

  2. Glad Jack is getting better!
    Sorry for the sniffles and the raining out, but it sounds like a cozy weekend in with the family, sometimes those are best:)
    Have a good Monday:)

  3. Our weather is crazy too! Lots of really warm weather...I hope we don't get any snow!

  4. Well I hope all that rain stop and the sun starts shining! Hope everyone is on the mend now :)