Monday, March 12, 2012

Late Monday but i made it

What a day, I can't believe i am still awake it's so late! I'm adjusting to the time change and let me just say this morning... was a bit rough. I do love the longer days and having light after work is so nice.

This weekend the Bug made it out, we had plans to celebrate all weekend. But he woke up with Strep throat and after spending the morning at the doctors he decided to go home. I was disappointed and felt really sad for him, what a crummy way to spend a birthday weekend huh. His 22nd birthday is today though, i spoke to him and he is feeling a bit better. I am looking forward to seeing him Friday night if all goes well, fingers crossed we'll celebrate then.

Saturday the music man's Fleetwood Mac Tribute band played a Hot Rod festival here in town. I am not a car kind of person, but this was a very big deal. I understand they had around 75,000 visitors over the weekend to attend the show. The weather was perfect and they sounded great. Monkey even came home with a bit of a sunburn.

little lies
The Music Man

little lies band

little lies band

My parents came out Sunday and met all of our new family members, we ate pasta and celebrated my mom's birthday. It was a really nice day. Jack was able to start putting a little bit of weight on his back leg as well. This is a good sign and I'm hopeful.

Today at lunch i was back in the saddle woot woot, a little sore still but feeling better. Life is so very busy these days but full of Joy.

Happy Monday I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Love the band photos...does this make you a groupie?

    I'm not a car show type either but out there, in the sun, surrounded by vineyards, good music,...I may become one.

    enjoy the week, we're off to the desert this weekend, with my sewing machine...
    I'm hoping I'll become a better seamstress out know, desert air, wine glass, radio with country music...that improves most everything else I do:-)

  2. Sounds like a fun time, even thought I am not a car person either!