Friday, March 2, 2012

He blew out his flip flop

After the dogs had diner last night Jack followed Hobo G down in the vineyard like usual. I went back to working but after a bit of time i thought Jack had stayed out longer than his usual, shortly after that thought i saw him outside my office window. As i was letting him in the house i noticed instantly he was lame and could barely walk. Oh no what the heck happened! I checked for a thorn... nothing... checked his hip...seemed fine too. Still he was walking on three legs holding his left back leg high, careful not put any weight on it and in a lot of pain.

I didn't see him crash but assume while running through the vines he must have stepped into a gopher hole or something and tweaked his leg.


After monitoring him overnight the music man carried him to the truck and we drove to the vet early this morning. Diagnosis is he severely tore his ACL and the only fix here is a very expensive surgery. He is in excellent health for his age but the cost of this surgery makes it not a viable option. Our brown dog is one tough doggie though. Seriously he has survived a couple things that he shouldn't have. The days of him running are done but I am praying that the meds, rest and once the initial trauma has subsided over the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be able to get him back walking on all fours and pain free. I'm hoping we will be able to manage this enough so that he can enjoy his senior years happily and comfortably.

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  1. I do hope he gets better soon Jen. Poor guy. Give him lots of hugs!