Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Weekend With Friends...

What a weekend, phew!
Our bestest buddies came down for a visit and their oldest son proposed to his girlfriend.
Oh my gosh what sweet fun it was to be a part of their Joyful day.  It was beautiful and the music man sang  this song to them.
 Of course there was some rock and roll too.
This is another buddy of ours who had a show at a local Casino. If you're a Bon Jovi fan check them out here. They're really good.

I spent yesterday enjoying my mama day quietly on the couch catching up with my dvr shows and relaxing. Going to bed late and up early was rough for this girl.

Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Mama Day.


  1. i'm glad you got to have a quiet day to recupe yesterday! you had a fun day before. :)

  2. Here's to a great Mother's Day full of relaxing and doing whatever you want. Perfect!

  3. What a perfect weekend! Love your photos of the newly engaged couple and the band shots. Amazing!

  4. FUN !!
    I checked out the link too they sound great.