Monday, May 5, 2014

My Sweet Brown Dog...

Is running me ragged. For the last few months his crazy "I'm getting into everything and eating it" has recently stepped up to a whole 'nother level and now includes consuming socks and patiently waiting for the girls to lay an egg so the second they leave the box... he can grab it. Oh no we cannot have that!

We are living in a state of constantly checking ourselves to make sure nothing has been left out if we leave a room or an area.  With his hair falling out and an incredible thirst that keeps me up at night (he has to go out sometimes five or six times a night...) Not to mention a super gassy tummy that peels the paint off the walls... Ugh. I suspected he may have a hypo thyroid so I took him in for some blood work a few weeks ago. He was diagnosed with Cushings Disease and hypo thyroidism. Welp, that explains the insane hunger he thinks he has...

Apparently these two diseases go hand in hand in older dogs and eating everything insight is one of the major symptoms. We started him on medication and with follow up blood work and some adjusting, we believe the dosage is now correct.  He is drinking less water, has more energy and his coat seems to be holding. Unfortunately there is no cure for his brain continuing to make him think he's hungry so I have to stay diligent in not leaving things out.

It's hard to see animals getting old, sometimes their needs overwhelm but at any stage of life serving them is a gift. Jack will be 13 in July and has always been my shadow especially since I got hurt all those years ago, he has never left my side.

His illness is not fatal, not painful and he is a super happy dog. He still runs part of the ranch, perhaps a bit slower than before but still, he's running around and does everything he loves.
Our phone selfie during morning chores

So now it's my turn to take extra care of him, after all he sure has been there for me. So I'll remember that at 1, 2, 3, 4 A.M. when he gets me up, eats a cake in it's entirety, a freshly laid egg and/or inhales a sock how much I love him and what a good friend he is.

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  1. oh, dear. as soon as you said drinking tons of water and going out all night to pee, i figured cushings. i'm glad you have meds to help. the love of a dog knows no bounds. :)

  2. Lots of healing distant reiki hugs for all with love and peace to reign ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol, (A Creative Harbor)

  3. I've lived through a number of aging pets and it's not easy. You are a good dog mama.

  4. Bless you BOTH!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  5. Oh, goodness. Our elderly chihuahua has hypothyroidism and congestive heart failure. He's on three different meds and needs lots of potty breaks outside. I feel for ya!!! Love your selfie. He looks like a sweet and precious boy. :) Glad you have a diagnosis and medication to help him through it.

  6. Awwwwww that is so sweet. You are a good doggie mom!

  7. I hope things turn around for Jack soon. At least he has you to watch over him. Lucky guy!

  8. Oh dear. The love for a dog knows no bounds.

  9. We all love our doggies! You are a good mommy to your dog! I remember socks disappearing with my old Chocolate Lab.. Glad he has medicine to help. Enjoy your doggie and the week ahead!

  10. There is nothing like the friendship of a dog. So nice to see he is loved.

  11. He looks very happy indeed. My Oscar is getting old too - 11.5 years old.

  12. You are being incredible, but no doubt he has been amazing to you and for you, during his life. Good luck to you both it must be challenging. Hope the medicine kicks in soon, either that or maybe you can hit the sleeping pills yourself!! :)
    Wren x

  13. He looks beautiful, and well cared for.