Thursday, May 22, 2014

And On The Eighth Day...

God looked down on His planned paradise and said "I need a caretaker" so God made a farmer.
Or maybe he said farmHer... Either way I love this poem and I sure love my hood.
Here is a little video of Chancie running around. The quality from my phone is poor but he is having so much fun I think it will make you smile anyways.

Happy Weekending Peeps!
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  1. What gorgeous photos. I love the tractor in the field. What part of the world is this?

    1. Hi Jezikalt, I live in Southern California Wine Country region. Thank you for the kinds words, I appreciate them.

  2. Oh I love farmHER :) Great shots. Hug B

  3. Maybe Chancie is doing his version of the "Happy" dance. Enjoy your weekend Jen!

  4. I just love seeing happy animals. Great shots.

  5. I love that poem and commercial they have around it. Love seeing all the pics and your animals. YOUR blog is hands down on one of my favorite lists . I love my friend Tami's Our neck of the woods. ---Have a blessed rest of the week . XOXOX HUGS

  6. i love when they get goofy and feel good. :)

  7. The blues in your sky shots are phenomenal!!