Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Chancie...

Because he likes my camera and I love him. It's been a cool and windy week thus far and the animals I are loving it. Hard to believe it was over 100 degrees just a few days ago. Oh yes, I'm liking this weather much better.

Happy Hump Day Peeps!


  1. sweet baby! enjoy the cool-down while it lasts!

  2. Already 100 degrees? Mercy. We haven't hit 90 yet, surprisingly. But 88 is still quite uncomfortable. :) Lovley photo of your precious Chancie!

  3. I really love Chance ~ he just looks like such a sweet boy .

  4. Such a handsome man! I would give anything for 88...90...100...degrees. Tornados and massive hail were apparently everywhere around here today. However, above our acre of wonderful we had...nothing but unsettled skies and not a drop of rain. Weird.

    Here's to a good approach to Memorial Day weekend! Have a great one!