Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Natures Balance...

I love nature! I absolutely love living out in the country and my heart is full here, content. I love living among the animals, having my hands and feet in the dirt, the sounds of the wind as it blows through the huge oaks and the smell of wild flowers. The night skies without any light pollution, the rhythm of my days and listening to the coyotes talk is amazing and such a gift.

I've also learned that there's a hard and ugly side to nature that I don't like at all...

My girls free range every day and with the dogs and myself outside I feel that they're safe and since moving here all has been well.  I know we have all kinds of predators on the land but with all of us outside together it feels right. Keeping chickens in a coop 24/7 doesn't.

The other day I had them out like usual and all eight girls were dust bathing by my front door. I went inside for a little bit and duh...... let Duke in with me. Bad move.

As I went back outside I heard and saw one of my girls running across the driveway and instantly knew something was wrong. One, they never go over into that area and two, one of my hens was signing her warning song.  I got everyone put away and yes I was missing one.

I ran over to the driveway where I found feathers. It appears that she was dust bathing under a small tree and something got her. Quickly and quietly. I followed the feather trail to no avail, she was gone.

The next two days I didn't let anyone out as I knew whatever it was would be back and I suspected either a coyote or bobcat....

I am so bummed I lost a hen but also understand the predators here are simply trying to survivor too. We have a ton of rabbits and squirrels but by leaving my girl unsupervised for a few minutes I gave them opportunity.

It was a bobcat. He's been back naturally to see if I've left another opportunity, I haven't. I'm back to letting my girls out again but for shorter times and only when both dogs and myself are with them.
RIP sweet girl.

Yes I love nature, I just don't particularly care for the harsh and ugly side of it but I know it's a necessary balance, just not an easy one.


  1. well, you have a good attitude about nature's way. and i know you'll tend to the others as best as you can.

  2. So sorry to hear about your pretty bird. Those sneaky buggers are just waiting for a moment to pounce. Be careful yourself when out and about. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about you losing one of your "girls" that was taken by a bobcat. It reminds me when Susie lost her kitty Bella to something when she accidently got outside. They only found fur on the ground. So very scary and sooo sad to deal with. My heart is hurting for you and I hope the rest of your "girls" will stay safe.. :( Cindy oxox

  4. So sad to lose a member of the clan. One split second is all the predators need. I am glad you are not letting one incident spoil your love of your land. Let's hope the rest of the girls keep safe and produce plenty of eggs in return for your vigilance of their safety.

  5. I know the feeling I so love nature.
    We free range our chickens on the farm days near the house , and they love being out and about
    We have had one fatality from a hawk a few months ago , and I am always on the look out .

    1. I forgot to say what I wanted to sat the most ... I am also so sorry , know it is so hard to loose them .

  6. Hard lesson learned. So sorry! Don't be too hard on way for you to know for sure that a predator lurked. God bless and take care...

  7. Oh rats :-( I'm soooo sorry. I'm really tired of this whole circle of life thing, myself. And a bobcat?!?! That's scary.

    She was a beauty. I hope everyone else stays safe. Hugs to you, my friend.