Monday, April 28, 2014

We're Back...

Were you wondering where the heck I went?  The music man and I went on a little adventure. With flip flops on and passports in hand we boarded an airplane headed to Cabo San Lucas for a few days.  We had a such a great time! We met up with family and friends to celebrate my BIL birthday and were treated like super stars, all of us were beyond spoiled and my gosh was it fantastic!
This was our home away from home, so luxurious and wonderful!
 There were eight couples and a few of us enjoyed walking down the beach.
Another poolside view.
Shadow play with some of the girls, I'm on the left, my sisters sil, my sister and on the right edge a dear friend.
The classic beach shot...
 but with a twist.. I bet you don't see this everyday? Cows roam all over the place here and I was told they do belong to ranchers.  They were so curious and literally walked over the paddle boards, sniffed and licked the chairs and then of course, because they're cows pooped, thankfully it was off to the side.
What a sweet treat to be part of such a wonderful celebration and to have had several days with my sister in her element.  We got home last night and I was up most of it with a sick brown dog, most likely due to eating two dozen raw eggs just before we got home, ugh.   Hello reality I'm back and ready for you, chores are waiting so I best get going.

Happy Monday Peeps!


  1. The cows are funny! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Enjoy getting back to reality. :)

  2. oh, no, brown dog!

    the cattle made me lol!

  3. How awesome. That seemed like the perfect get away. Rich and I went there for our honeymoon. The cows on the beach crack me up.

  4. That looks like an excellent getaway!

  5. Ha! Cows on the beach. What a sight! Looks like a vacation in paradise. Glad you went and had fun. :)

  6. Poor brown dog !
    Gotta say that cow on the beach shot ~ great ! lol