Wednesday, February 19, 2014

These Boots...

Were made for riding...
For walking...
For working and
for relaxing...

This week I've been spending some time organizing my photos. In going through them I noticed many of them featured my favorite boots. Seems my fashion these days are either these or my muck books. Perhaps not stylish for a NY fashion show but super perfect for here at the ranch.They're so comfy and I sure love them!   Do you guys have a favorite pair of shoes?

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Happy Wednesday Peeps!


  1. I miss wearing my fave leather western boots !
    The snow is a bit too much for them lately .LOL
    Love the shots of yours.

  2. I feel like I have gone home in away when I go to your blog. I love it. Can feel it. I was raised with HORSES and a brown DOG lol …and I can almost smell the hay ..sounds nuts but HEY …Love it here and your sweet spirit. Thanks for making my day . YOU know how images can do that …Take ya back

  3. They look like great boots! I have some favorite blue work boots that I got at Tractor Supply. My first pair lasted for several years and I just recently got some new ones. But I got the exact same pair :)

  4. Creative shots, great boots and beautiful dog and horses ~ thanks, carol, ^_^

  5. Durable and Dandy♪ Love your series!

  6. Are they Ariat Fatbabies? With cream colored uppers? Because my favorite pair of boots look suspiciously like your favorite pair of boots!

    1. OH my gosh Joan they are! Looks like something else we have in common :)

  7. I live in tennis shoes so any pair I find that's comfortable is my current favorite. I wear them until they fall apart. I do have a pair of black boots that I love so when I found a pair on sale I bought them, even though my old ones hadn't worn out. When they finally did, I just whipped out that new pair and went right on. :)

  8. Jen,
    Good shoes or boots are a must on the ranch! My current favorite are my Twisted X Boat Shoes. I wear them to town and love how comfy they are.

    Thanks for dropping in at my blog.

  9. I like my cheap knock-off Croc shoes. I am currently wearing a pair from Wal-Mart that has lasted me about five years. I also like the rubber sandals that Walgreens stores usually have in the spring and summer. I care more about comfort than some designer brand name!

  10. I could almost smell the air and remember what it felt like to be on a horse. It's been a long time, but I loved it! Thanks for stopping in today. I'm your newest follower. :-)