Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sending Warm Wishes Your Way...

 It looks like the storms the weatherman promised us will start rolling in later today and hanging out until Sunday. We're ready and I'm looking forward to some quiet days while the scorched earth here soaks in the desperately needed rain.
hiking down to the waters edge

I know so many of you are covered in snow and sub zero temps... Again and wondering if Spring will ever come to you. 

I thought I would share some more shots from my trip to the beach from a couple weeks ago.  I hope you'll find some warmth in these and know Spring is coming your way... I promise. 
One of our favorite places to visit is here at this beach. 
Balboa Island Ferry landing
Balboa Pier sunset
Sending warm wishes to you guys in the Polar Vortex and a happy joy joy to those of us in So Cal where we finally have whats looks to be a good rain storm, it just started drizzling while typing this up.  Whoohoo!

Be safe. Be happy,

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  1. Here's hoping that the rain lingers around your place and helps even a wee bit. :)

  2. I am glad the rain is going to help you out there Thanks so much for the warm wishes and sunny photos .. . was just what I needed !

  3. I love these warm weather images! Just what I needed to see on this freezing day here. The sunset is just breathtaking there on the beach!

  4. here's hoping you get some great rains!

  5. Ah, I'm feeling warmer already! Great pics and good luck with that rain :-) Now, I shall go walk the dog in the snow :-(

  6. Your images are so GOOD, always. Although you live near the vineyards and love your horses and gardening, you are also a California beach girl through and through!

    Love your Friend

  7. Jen,
    I will take your warm wishes and save them for Friday. We have extreme cold moving in.

    I love the sunset pictures. The colors are awesome.

  8. Great shots and thanks for 'warming us' up a bit ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  9. Glad you're getting some rain! That last photo is divine.

  10. My daughter just moved from San Diego....she bought a car last year when she moved out there, the drove it across the country to Virginia and on the way it rained. She realized she had never used the wipers in the car before leaving CA! Hope you get a soaking rain but not a flooding rain.

  11. The pier photo is just stunning!