Thursday, February 6, 2014

Please Bring Some Rain

Although the last two storms rolled by us without dumping any amount of water our way I woke up today to some sprinkles.
I shot this just a few minutes ago, looks promising doesn't it? Oh I sure hope the weatherman is right and some rain is coming to the ranch later today. We need it so very badly and we're ready.

Though we missed the storms earlier this week they sure did make for stunning skies.
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Happy Weekending Peeps!

Edited ~ It's raining whoohooo!  Everyone who lives outdoors has their water proof blankets on and shelter. The girls are inside their coop and out of the wind and rain.  Oh yes life is so very good.

Silly how excited we get about rain in these parts but we are desperate for some. It's been such a long and sad drought. I know a lot of you are buried in snow and sub zero temps...  Wishing you all a safe and warm weekend ahead.  J


  1. YAY for rain! i hope it keeps up for a while and you get a good ground-soaking at least!

  2. Very beautiful photos, like paintings.

  3. Beautiful skies… I hope you receive rain soon.

  4. Gorgeous shots ~ Would love to send all the snow in New England too ~ Great shots for SWF ^_^
    artmusedog and carol ^_^

  5. No, it is not silly getting silly over the weather. In Texas last summer, we did the happy dance if it rained. We were in a terrible drought and still low on water supply.

    1. Thanks LV we are in a severe drought here and I know Texas has had it bad too. Hoping for normal reain fall soon.

  6. Hurray for the rain! Here's to more this weekend! Have a great one Jen. :)

  7. Gorgeous skies you have there! Perfect submissions for the meme. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Your photos are so beautiful! Let it rain! Here, we're at -10°. Not a fit night out for man nor beast - although my beasts have heaters going full blast in their "bedrooms". My only problem is it's hard to type under all these blankets :-)

  9. Wow - moody and gorgeous!

  10. YEA....rain came. Wonderful series of images for posting on Skywatch Friday this week. Love them all!
    JM Illinois

  11. Very, very nice shots, I wish I could send you some of our rain, we have more than enough here in the UK.
    All the best Gordon.

  12. Jeez, I agree with Gordon - you're welcome to some of our UK rain! Reckon I'm developing webbed feet, LOL!

  13. Yay! I'm so glad you got rain. I know your area needed it so badly. Those sky shots are just beautiful! Hope you have a great wet weekend ;)

  14. Getting excited and silly for rain is really OK these days! I was so pleased with it Thursday night I went to wait out the traffic on the 91 at Disneyland. Turns out so did a whole lot of other So Cal pass holders, a very busy & rainy night with very few umbrellas since we all wanted to just let the rain envelope us!
    Your ranch is lovely as are the creatures who inhabit it!