Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Weekend In Photos

This weekend the music man finished Ms. Punkin Pies shelter.  She now has her top shelter finished as well as a wind break too. Of course while he worked the rest of us (check out Luna and Chancie, so sweet)
gave out hugs and kisses.
We went for a couple of walks. I took Punkin around the property while the dogs ran along with us and she seemed to really enjoy it.
Ms Goldie Girl.
I now have six of my eight girls laying again, whooohooooo! This was the longest molt ever, at least it felt that way.
We had a wonderful visit with family. The photo collage above proves that group jumping for a photo is really hard but super fun... That our sunsets at the ranch are incredible... And that Jack is a great photo bomber.
Apparently being a photo bomber is hard work. Someone is very tired today...


  1. love your pups and horses and chickens and punkin. :)

  2. Love your photo bomber! He's got the talent. :) Sounds like an fabulous weekend at the ranch. :)

  3. All these photos are so good! Yay for lots of eggs again! Sometimes their molts seem to take forever. The group jumping shots are so fun and I love a good animal photobomb!

  4. Oh, what great photos! Looks like it was a picture perfect weekend :-)

  5. That Goldie Girl chicken is a pretty little thing! Sweet shot of the dog napping. :)

  6. LOL at the photo-bombing! My dogs do that too....but hide if I am *trying* to get a picture of them.