Monday, February 17, 2014

A Birthday Adventure...

My sister is a Valentine baby. Knowing I couldn't celebrate with her on her day I drove over to the coast a couple days before where we met up for an adventure. We had such a fun day! It started off with a hike down to the beach.
Where we walked through a tunnel that is as wide as the highway that sits above it, maybe 10 lanes wide.
The air was cool and you could feel the dampness on your skin. The walls were painted by different boy scout troops and the dates sitting next to their fabulous art work went back for more than 10 years.  Cool right...
We had a wonderful lunch at a favorite place and then drove up the coast a bit more
where we visited a candy store who had super fun lollipop lips.  I look a bit crossed eyed in this photo but it's okay, we don't get to do "sister selfies" to often.
I finished my visit at the waters edge soaking in the sunset and moon rise while looking down Balboa's beach.
I shot this from under the pier shortly after sunset and before hitting the road back towards the ranch. I sure love living where we do. Within a couple hours drive I can be at the beach, mountains or desert where there's no shortage of awaiting adventures.


  1. looks like a very fun day - and sisters are the best. :)

  2. How great to have spent a fantastic day with your sister for her special day!

  3. I love the beach shots, especially that last one. So gorgeous! I'm glad you got to celebrate with your sister. Looks like an awesome day :)

  4. Love you sister selfie !
    It does sound like you live in the perfect location .
    That pier shot is amazing , very cool.

  5. Looks like a great day with your sister!