Friday, November 1, 2013

Day One

Is home! She rolled in like she's always been here and she and Chancie became instant friends. Surprisingly there was no kicking, only a couple squeals and it was from Chance haha in fact, there was no fretting at all.
She doesn't fret until either she or Chance leaves their turn out, then it's a bit of bonanza on steroids.
She is a real sweetie who loves to be with people and is eager to please. I've taken her out on trail a couple times now and she is a bit of a handful, forward moving and anxious but once she relaxes, she is amazing! Though she needs continued work she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. I hope with daily training sessions, time and love she will be a perfect fit for Monkey and the Music Man.

I'm thankful for Luna Tuna Pie and that we are able to give her a good home.
Happy Friday!


  1. oh, she's so pretty! welcome home, baby girl!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad she and Chance are getting along well. They look so cute together and like they are already best buds :) So glad she's home! Have a good weekend and hope you get to spend lots of time with her!

  3. I love happy stories :-) Yipee! Enjoy the weekend !

  4. Pretty Girl to go with lovely Chance. I suppose I should read some back posts I see lovely Chance is a mustang by his neck tattoo. Our neighbors mare, Jazz is a mustang with a neck tattoo also . Only tattoo guy we ever had was our thoroughbred that was an ex racehorse ( with the lip tattoo). Sorry I tend to go on and on. lol
    Glad Luna is there :))