Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day Sixteen

Sadly 50 million people live with food insecurity in this country and one in five are hungry.

I'm thankful for food...

Both the music man and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Sipping a glass or two of wine, turning on our favorite tunes and getting our boogie on while watching over a pot or pan of something delicious is fun.  We love food! Seriously, we love food in this house and celebrate life around the table with a full plate.

Being able to feed my family good, clean and nutritious food is a blessing when there are so many that go hungry.   Opening a full fridge or cupboard when preparing a meal fills my heart with with joy and also reminds me of how good we have it.


  1. i don't like to cook or bake, but i am so grateful for the choices we have here in the US, the fresh produce and products available on a whim at the grocery store. something we tend to take for granted...

  2. It is hard to imagine that some people go hungry daily.
    I am indeed grateful for the bounty of food we share.

  3. I feel the same way! I like to cook good, healthy meals for my husband and me and I am so thankful that I can feed us nutritious food.

  4. I could not agree more. I have it all - food, friends, music, laughter, fun. Community Food Share is our local non-profit that helps families in need of nutrition. They will get twice our yearly holiday contribution in honor of your Day Sixteen. Because having a friend you've never met, but her writing and photographs makes you feel like she lives on the land right across the road, well, that's worth somthin'.

    1. OMGosh Joan!! That is awesome, thank you! I couldn't agree more with you on either things, we are truly so blessed and I feel the same way. How cool would it be if we did live closer? Very cool. One day I'll get over your way, your state is on my list of camera travels...