Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day Thirteen

Knitting, knitting knitting... Oh how I love to knit!

As a kid both my grandma and mom had taught me to knit and crochet but I didn't stick with it. Several years ago I wanted to learn again so a dear friend of mine (lap dog knits) taught me. We knew it would be just the thing I needed to pass the time and keep my sanity while recovering from the accident.

Not only did I learn but I fell in love with it and haven't stopped knitting since.  I am so thankful for the calm it brings my body and mind. I love the sounds of my needles clicking quietly together at the end of a day and the feel of yarn passing through my fingers. I always look forward to starting a new piece with excitement and enjoy the quiet patience that sets in while working on it. Of course I love the gratification of a completed project that I can wear, gift or do whatever with, so fun!

I am so thankful for knitting and the Joy and Peace it has brought me over the years. Thanks Kyle!


  1. I would love to learn to knit! Those are some kind of AWESOME socks :-)

  2. how very sweet. my sis did yarn stuff - knitting, crocheting, tatting, needlepoint, etc. i just never fell in love with it.

  3. Oh how I wish I could knit!

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  4. I know exactly what you mean. I absolutely love knitting and crocheting. The calmness it brings over you is the best. Love the slippers you made. :)

  5. I want to learn how to crochet --I love your socks too !!! or slippers..>SO cute !!

  6. Oh so cool ! I love slippers .
    I enjoy so much working with yarn too.
    Lately I have been crocheting scarfs :)