Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day Twenty

I have always been the one with a camera, in the day of film I was the Kodak Queen. I have albums and albums of printed memories. But over the last handful of years walking around daily with my camera in hand, always on the look out for a moment or opportunity to press my shutter has greatly changed my perspective on life.

My focus tends to be on the small things that make up our everyday, an awesome excuse to pause and be present. A weed that's flowering, a tree shedding or growing its leaves, animals,  a family gathering...
Whether its a big photo adventure where I push my comfort zone...I am petrified of heights but determined to get "the shot".
a concert  (how awesome it is to be in the pit? super awesome and I love it!)
Or a silly moment, fills me. I know staring at the sun is not a good idea but it was a hilarious photo op and memorable moment with my bug.

Keeping it simple and focusing on the small things... is the space I try to live in,  for it's in the small things where my Joy lives.

I'm thankful for my camera.


  1. I too always have a camera in hand sister. I GET IT : ) I love all your pics and the ones of you holding the camera too my friend. Hope that your thanksgiving is awesome and can't wait to see the pics of that xoxoxx hugs

  2. we are thankful for what you see and share. :)

  3. So neat to see you behind the lens. I have to say, that 2nd photo made me very nervous! I kept thinking, "don't drop the camera!" haha.