Thursday, November 29, 2012

getting in the spirit

Thanksgiving was awesome, we have so so much to be thankful for. We're back home now and the Fall decorations are put away. Thanks to the music man and J bug my Christmas decorations are down from the attic and beginning to roll their way into the house.  Ohhhhh i love this time of year! I have decided again this year to scale back my decorations as my life's plate is still overflowing and i haven't been feeling all that good. I need to keep it simple and remember what this time of year is about for me so I've picked out a few of my fav's. The tree is up and the stockings are out.
With gingerbread scent in the air and my morning cup of Joe I've been working on my gift list. 
Hobo's not impressed with my list
Jacks isn't either
But i think Honey might be and i definitely am.


  1. that look on his face says "there better be something under that tree for me"...

    add another dog and one cat and we'll have the same critters living under the roof

    enjoy the holiday planning - where'd this year go?

  2. No cats at least until they have a barn to live in :). Time flies doesnt it, i hope all is well with you and hope to see you soon.