Thursday, November 15, 2012

What to do

What do you do when the transmission in a Monkey's Rodeo is slipping and the thing wont pass smog...  Call a salvage yard and wait to send it off to the junk yard for a long rest. In the meantime the music man found a super great "new to her" car that they picked up last night.  An 06' Kia Sorento that gets 30 miles to the gallon. That should help save her a few bucks on gas while driving to school and work so thas's good. I believe it will be a much more reliable car for too which makes me super happy, nothing worse than worrying about her out on the roads.

What do you do when the kids are gone, the music man is busy and you have some time... Play in the dirt of course.  My freshly weeded garden just received a couple yards of beautiful composted clean soil ready for transplants and winter seeds. The weather is drizzly, cold and i love it! Perfect planting weather and i was able to get everything on my list in the ground.

lettuce, both arugula, bibb and romaine

rainbow chard ~  i just pulled out last years plants at the end of summer. This was by far the most single plant harvest i have ever had. This thing kept producing for almost a year, even made it through the HOT summer!

brussels sprouts
sweet peas
onion, both red and sweet walla walla
spinach ~ tons of spinach yum!

I am excited and hoping for better results this year now that I'm working on top of the stripped decomposed granite that is common in our hood.  Fingers crossed that the feeding and composting I've done for a year now and adding the new soil will do the trick.

What else to do when the weather is cool, knit knit and knit. I have been making up for lost time with my needles and am feeling so thankful for the much needed quieting of my mind that it brings.


  1. thankgoodness for the local farmers market for gardening going on in my plot of dirt

    the weather is nice - a bit cooler would be welcomed - looking forward to seeing your knitting!!

    happy driving to "S" with her new wheels!!

    1. yep, and yours sure is a great one! We will be up in HB for a quick bike ride on the 8th in the morning. i'll call you with details maybe we can meet up?

  2. Your garden is sounding great! We are surviving now on summer stock that I tucked in the freezer and venison.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I'm looking forward to a bigger harvest this time around so i can fill my freezer too :). ahh full freezer,,,, yep those are the BEST!