Sunday, December 2, 2012

morning movement

I strapped on my tennies with purpose this morning and hit the road. The smell of a neighbors fireplace, the sound of birds chirping and the cool crisp air against my face was perfect. I forgot how much i love and need this time,  to pray, clear my head and burn a few calories, yep just what i needed. 
Over summer time our weather here is so hot that i stopped my daily walks.  You know that saying once you stop working out its hard to get going again? Well no doubt that's me and now I'm paying the price big time.

I have been pushing myself for the last few months and working more in hopes of achieving some financial goals for myself and my family. Unfortunately, my back is paying for this and i haven't felt well since.  The longer days sitting down at the computer have left me in a lot of pain and unmotivated to work out rendering a few extra pounds.

I'd like to think this morning was day one in getting myself back to a healthy balance. A nice reminder that my body and mind must come before other things otherwise it just gets messy and todays walk was exactly the reminder i needed to motivate myself and push forward.

I sat down and typed this post a few days ago so fast forwarding to today...
I made it four days in and at lunch Friday Chancie stepped on my foot and broke my little toe.... I'm super bummed and disapointed that there will be no walking for a few days or monday dancing this week.  Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get my tennies back on soon and pick back up this new little morning groove I've started.


  1. I'm with you on this. I have slacked on the walking stuff! Too much to do in one day to try and squeeze in time for me!! But we have to! I hope your toe heals quickly.

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see your pix! And your lenses sound pretty awesome. I'm so not ready, never really am but somehow it all comes together in the end. Safe travels. Your friend Tracie.

  3. Well gesh, how did I post this twice. What I meant to say was, sometimes that's just how it happens, we get going again just to have a set back but I don't know a more determined gal than you. I have been able to watch you pursue your dream and it's been so awesome to see it all unfold. You inspire, you make me never want to stop dreaming and wishing, you are proof that dreams come true. Love your friend tracie.