Monday, December 17, 2012

Big Truth Photo's

Here are a couple shot of the band shoot i did for the music man. I love the tractor one. I't's silly, a bit different and definitely show their fun side. They change up their get ups depending on the song. Sometimes its a hat that blinks or crazy sun glasses and sometimes it's both.
This photo is from their gig Saturday night where there played to a packed house, several hundred people came by to have fun with them. 

This weekend we celebrated the music man's birthday and my parents wedding anniversary. We got to spend time with family and a surprise visit from our best friends. I didn't get any further on completing my shopping or crafting for Christmas so i guess i better get going. Lots to do this week, how was your weekend? Are you ready for the holiday?


  1. How fun!
    I had a cozy weekend of candy making!

  2. Sort of ready for the holiday, but that is about as ready as I ever get! lol Nice shots of the band!