Saturday, December 29, 2012

Road Tripping Day Three

WOW today was an awesome day! I can cross off Slot Canyon and Horseshoe bend from my bucket list as we did both today. The weather here in Lake Powell area is freezing cold but the sky is blue and clear.

After breakfast the music man and i went on a photography tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon (slot). I didn't realize when we left our RV this morning we would be off roading in the back of a dilapidated pick up truck and holding on for dear life.  A strange flash back to a familiar bad day. You know you really put your life in the hands of others when out exploring sometimes. Thank God we made it back safely.  Here are a couple photos of our time in the slot canyons.
I took a truck load of them and will share a few more after cleaning them up a bit. For sunset we took the brown dog and hiked out to Horseshoe bend. Holy Freaking Moly!!! This was an amazing area. Its only a short hike (less than a mile) to a 1200 foot shear cliff, no railing where people get close to the edge hoping for a good photo. By the way several people every year get to close and fall to their death. Scary right... I am very afraid of heights so this was a major challenge for me but determined to get my photo i was up for it.
I belly crawled in and up to the edge on a large rock shelf where i stretched my arms as far as i could extending my camera past the edge. I know crazy right but not as crazy as some other people that were there... including the music man who has no fear of heights what so ever.

Tomorrow we are back on the road and heading south for warmer weather.


  1. I could not have gone any where near that edge. I would have gotten sick. My husband would be just like yours and went up to the edge no problem. I have a lot of nervous moments when we go hiking. :) Pretty pics!

  2. I'm with Kar...I'm afraid of heights too. That shot is amazing though!

    1. Thanks buddy! I'm hoping to go on another camping adventure with you guys soon.