Monday, January 16, 2012

some building and introductions

The music man and i visited the local hardware store and purchased some material to help re purpose a dog run the old owners left behind.

deep thoughts
Once back from the store we didn't waste anytime unloading and getting started. The rain was coming and it was cold.

There was a quick plan, some welding, banging in nails and a bit of leveling the bottom part underground for extra protection.

my assistant
Of course there was also some supervising from my assistant.

We still have a bit left to finish but were close and i am anxious to share our new additions. So without further ado i would like to introduce the girls...

This is Betty. Monkey named her and the music man sings to her. Do you know that song black Betty? Miss Betty was quite upset when we got home and was chirping non stop, he started signing and she quieted right down, apparently music relaxes her too. Betty is a Barred Rock.

Dixie girl
Dixie girl, she is an Americuana and will lay blue green colored eggs, she's the most mellow of them.

Goldie Locks
Goldie Locks, well she is a golden laced wydotte and so pretty. She is also the youngest of the group at just over a week old.

Lucy Lou
and Lucy. This young lady looks like a penguin now but as she grows her feather will take on a green metallic shimmer as she's a black autralorpe.

I am so excited to have these ladies and think they will be a perfect friend to my garden. The fertilizer will be composted to help nourish our stripped soil, there clean eggs a welcome addition to my recipes and there company, so fun.

I just read back over the above and laughed out loud, it sort of sounds like a beauty pageant doesn't it, funny.


I have waited years to be in a place where i could have chickens. I wanted to free range them but we have to many predators, even during the day. So once they are four months old i can turn them out into the garden and let them pick and eat the plants in between plantings in daytime.

I mentioned two dreams the other day and an incredible week, the second part is that within the next few weeks I'll be seeing my second dream come true too! I am in the process of rescuing a horse, but more on that later right now i am celebrating my wonderful helpful hubby who can build a mean coop and our new chicks.


  1. Yeah! How wonderful that you have these fine ladies. I love chickens. Best of luck with them.

  2. How exciting Jen to have all those new residents on your new 'farm'. I love your assistant that you have helping you. Everyone needs a good supervising assistant. :)

  3. Oh, they are so cute! Love how they are growing into their feathers