Sunday, January 22, 2012

an update and another introduction

Introducing our new best buddy! He is the most sweetest, kind and gentle friend anyone could ask for. I would like to introduce Black Magic...

Black Magic

I met a lady at the tack store yesterday who had rescued a ten year old Mustang gelding who was in need of a new home right away. I was at the tack store buying bedding in hopes that the adoption of another horse i was trying to help would be going through soon. I decided to change gears and brought this guy home today instead. We've only spent a couple hours together but let me say i am head over heals in love with him,


and I'm not the only one :). He is such a tender soul and i cannot wait to spoil him! Oh my gosh we are so excited and thankful we found him.

my new buddy!

He needs a little weight, a good bath and lots of love. He is cute now but once he loses his winter coat i think he will be very handsome too.

The girls are doing great, growing so fast i swear they have over doubled there size in a week except for Goldie. She is the youngest and still small. She's eating and acting normal so i hope this week she'll grow a bit. The music man finished their house this weekend and boy is it nice. We are expecting more rain tomorrow so after we dry out I'd like to find some time to paint it pretty.


  1. He's a fun.
    A good curry brush and lots of arm motion on your part and that winter coat will be gone.

    He's a lucky fellow to be home with you - enjoy him and we'll be looking forward to lots of blogs and stories and PICTURES!!!

    VERY happy for you is good:-)

  2. He's surely a cute addition to your crew. Have fun with him!