Monday, January 9, 2012


I lost an entire row of spinach to the rabbits while we were away for New Years. Apparently they like Popeye's food too, dang it. It was a hard and disappointing way to find out the fence we had around the garden needed some more work done. I was feeling a bit like Mr. McGregor trying to keep out Peter Rabbit so the music man and i spent a few hours this weekend adding chicken wire and more stakes. Although my spinach was gone, it doesn't appear they got into anything else.

fresh veggies

I was able to harvest some rainbow chard, tomato, onion and red peppers that i sauteed with salmon for lunch. It was good and gave us the energy and motivation to finish fortifying our fence. I'm hoping it will be enough to protect my seedlings and other plants going forward.


After working outside all day i went with the music man to his gig and spent the evening visiting with friends and listening to him, it was a really fun night.

Yesterday we had his band mates over for Pasta Sunday. Armed with a new recipe i was ready to end our week with a hearty meal and some more good company. I made homemade pasta for the first time and it was incredible. Making the dough is fast and simple it was the shaping of the Orechietta that was time consuming. I didn't mind though, I cranked up Andrea Bocelli, poured a glass of wine and got my groove on, before you know i had enough pasta to feed 13 people.

This dish will definitely visit our Sunday's again. It was a huge hit, there weren't even any leftovers!

I am so thankful and can't think of a better way to end a week while getting ready for the next then celebrating life with family and friends over a big ole plate of pasta, yum.

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  1. That pasta looks so very good! I would not be happy with the rabbits.