Monday, January 30, 2012

It's more like Poopageddon

Now that we've expanded our furry/feathered family poop patrol's taken on a whole new meaning. It's more like poopageddon these days, it's constant and never ending . I now start my days an hour earlier to ensure i have enough time to take care of the dogs, the girls and now our sweet Chance before starting my "real" job during the week.

The most physical and challenging part for me is cleaning out Chances stall. The barn we moved him into needed to have the mud shoveled out and leveled. Shoveling and carrying out buckets of poop and mud has kindly reminded me about muscles i forgot i had! I'm hoping as i build up my muscles and body core my back will become a bit more happy and get back to where we tolerate each other. It's all good though you wont find any complaints here. The joy and love these animals bring me is wonderful and i am incredibly thankful i get to live out my dreams in reality.


As a side benefit I'm envisioning all this over time will bring me legs, arms and perhaps a bit of the butt of my youth ha. And of course a bountiful garden harvest this summer, ohhh the fertilizer i am composting from the chickens is really awesome.

Happy Monday friends, I hope you have a great week, I better get going i have another round of poop patrol to get to and love it, i really do!


  1. First of all, I am so excited to meet your new family members!
    Those Chickies have a very awesome home!
    Second of all,yes, Poop.
    Poop, all the time, POOP.
    Great for your garden though!

  2. lol That was a reality check for me when I came to live here on our small farm.'s everywhere!

  3. Poop....ok.....if the result is's all good.
    glad to see the happy days....see you soon!!!

  4. I love the word- poopageddon! Too funny! Chicken poop is supposed to be great for the garden!

  5. oh how funny. I laughed out loud when I read that word. I'm looking forward to more Chance updates!