Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It was so crazy hot last week that we decided last minute to sneak in one more camping trip to the beach. It was wonderful, much cooler and we were able to enjoy a beautiful walk on the bluffs. We are back home and it finally feels like fall! We have had much cooler days, fog, rain and a bit of sunshine. Simply fantastic! Be back soon with a pic of the pink baby cardi. Until then here's wishing you a lovely week.


  1. That's a peaceful looking picture, for both Man & His Dog. Sounds like summer finished off on a high note, bring on the Fall.....time will surely fly now, looking forward to pics of the baby items....I've got so many things 1/2 done - I need to focus and complete something soon!!! Have a wonderful week...

  2. Ahhh,I love the ocean.
    I miss it very much.
    Looks like a lovely day!
    We are having rain here.
    Have a great week,Jen!