Thursday, October 14, 2010

done and done

Remember the baby cardi I started back in July, well both sweaters are finally done and on there way to my MIL. I would have had them done sooner but life and summer time got in the way. That's okay because I made them in 6 months sizes and both babies were born in August. I am happy with how they turned out and think there just in time for the cooling days visiting Washington State. I modified a pattern that my friend over at lap dog knits gave me a couple years ago. This pattern has become my "go to" pattern anytime I need a baby sweater. It is super easy peasy and knits up fast.

We are expecting cooler days starting today and I am already working up my next project. I will be back soon to share, until then here's wishing you a Happy Thursday!


  1. They are just too cute Jen! They are going to be so loved for sure.

  2. Jen, they look awesome, hope they will send you a picture with the babies wearing them, they will look adorable for sure!!!
    Let's hope the weather cools, I've got a short scarf I'm hoping to wear soon, otherwise, forget the fashion police - I'll be wearing wool and alpaca with a tanktop. Wait a minute, flabby arms - make it a teeshirt.

  3. HaHa you are so funny! Your sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud. Wool, flippies and a t- shirt sounds about perfect!

  4. They are just darling!
    What lucky little babies:)
    Hope your weekend is lovely,Jen!

  5. Wow, those are beautiful. What skill! I crochet and was just last night making granny squares. Single. Color. Granny squares. Ha! I am always in awe of you knitters!