Monday, October 18, 2010

a fall banner just for fun

a new project
Lately I have felt a pull back to my sewing machine that has sat quietly since early summer. The days and nights have cooled and we are finally experiencing fall like weather. I still have to finish this but in the meantime I wanted a project that I could start and finish quickly.
a banner for fall
This is a fun little banner that you can whip out in a flash. I love banners as they can be used for any occassion or just for fun. The fabric or theme is really endless and they make a great little gift. I sent one to my MIL in the package with the baby cardigans, just because.

Here's what I did:.

I used 4 different fabrics (you could use scraps too)
approx 1/4 yard each was enough to make 3 banners.
I cut them into 8 inch squares
folded top of square to create hem of approx 1/2 inch and sew
I didnt sew the sides of the squares just the top to create a casing to feed the twine through.
use a saftey pin or bobby pin to feed twine through
tied ends of twine and hang.

Have fun!


  1. That is cute Jen. I would have never thought of something so easy and cute.

  2. Fun, Fun, the banners!You've inspired me and MIL gave me her machine to get me started. Ask Music Man to check out
    this is a new blog started by my brother and they have a very common hobby interest!!!
    Wishing you a fantastic day, what's cooking on the stove this week?

  3. So cute!
    What a fun thing to do.
    Arnt you just so clever:)
    Hope your Wednesday is great!

  4. You, AND that banner, could not be any cuter! I may have to try to make this. Looks easy! Right up my alley. :o) Hope your day is great, too. I love that you comment on my blog now... :o)