Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a box of threads

We are a week into Autumn and it is apparent that Mother Nature didn't get the memo. This week we have broken all record highs, Monday we hit 113 degrees! Today it is cloudy and a bit cooler at a whopping 98 degrees.
a box of threads
I am dreaming of wool fibers, sweaters and busting out my boots but until then I am so thankful for air conditioning and indoor activities. This is monkey girl making friendship bracelets for her buddies. I love her sock invention to help hold the thread.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. haha!
    We used to hold the bracelets in between our toes when were younger!
    But,thats a good idea too!
    I know what you mean about the heat,its kinda getting old.
    Have a great day, Jen!

  2. I'm sick of the heat also. I'm patiently waiting for next week's low 70's to come in. Come on Fall! We're waiting on you. :)

    I love how inventive kids get when they are busy with things. How funny!

  3. Hey girlfriend.....bring on the cooler weather, I feel it each day, I think we're getting closer!!!I don't care about Mother Nature and her hot flashes, I've got wool on the needles and I'm knitting on.