Saturday, September 25, 2010

Falling for Fall

falling for fall
Since it takes a while before Southern California see's any beautiful colored falling leaves I decided to make my own.
coloring leaves
Yep they were good, a bit to good perhaps because I enjoyed more than I should have and now I have cookie pains in my belly and a sugar headache, ugh. The musical handy man has a gig at the beach tonight and I am taking some to share with friends. If they stay here it could get really ugly, haha. I am looking forward to a cool evening tonight, as I type this it is 102 degrees outside!

Here's wishing you a Happy Weekend!


  1. What darling cookies,Jen!
    I made a new recipe yesterday, Chocolate Pepper Cookies,they actually are quite good!
    102 degrees!
    Wow,and I was whiney cause it got up to 80 yesterday:)
    Hope you had a fun evening on the beach:)
    Have a great Sunday!