Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Year In Review...

Seems like just yesterday I was reminiscing about the previous year and choosing my annual word. Crazy how time flies, I guess the old saying is true... January is almost gone and it was a total blur with house stuff and caring for all the animals. I did want to sit down,  though late and reminiscence a bit as I do every new year.

2014 has been a good year for us. It was filled with more good than bad and has put us many steps closer to goals set years ago.  My word for 2014 was Peace. Life is a challenge and I try to control way to many things so this was such a great word for me. I have spent this last year letting go and lifting up everything. And I mean everything, both good and bad and what a huge relief it was. I don't have to know everything or handle everything it's all okay.

Here's a summary of our year in review via pictures shared already.
January Ms Punkin Pie came to live with us.
February brought us an awesome visit with family.
March, I was able visit and shoot the National Cross Country Event as it came to our town. Amazing these animals and their riders are!
April I witnessed the most spectacular sunrises, every single morning I was in Cabo San Lucas. Simply amazing, what a gift that trip was!
May the temps began to rise and lucky for us watermelon season was just getting started.
June I got to shoot the Justin Moore and Frankie Ballard concert and it was awesome!
July we laid Jackson Brown Dog to rest... I still miss him every single day.
August we saved sweet Samson.
September I drove Ms Daisy Mayhem home. I took her off death row from our local shelter.
October we moved to our lot and began our adventure of building our dream ranch.
November we kept working non stop, it's kind of a blur.
December was crazy... We rescued Harley Man. We rescued two sick baby goats (who are doing really well now). We received record snow fall for our area and our house was delivered. Phew...!!!

Until now my annual words seem to be placed on me with ease. This year though, I'm struggling to find my word. I'm sure it's there I just haven't found it yet. Maybe once things settle down a bit I will.

In the meantime I am grateful for this last year and looking forward to this new year with excitement and new sense of peace.  My heart is full of incredible love and Joy. I'm honored and blessed to be surrounded by all our animals, knowing we made a difference is a gift. Surrounded by amazing people God gave me who love me for me day in and day out is incredible.

Here's to 2015 and finding my word when it comes my way.



  1. What a year and for the most part very positive I think Brown Dog is missed but I am sure he is not very far. Love that you take in all the animals. HUG B

  2. Phew! is right! What an incredible year, Jen, and all the little tidbits in between that make it all so much sweeter, or less-so, depending.

    So nice to be able to share in your adventures. You've got it going on!!

  3. well, i hope it has something to do with settling in. placement. home. :)

  4. What an incredible year. Loved reading about it and seeing the photos.

  5. You lost some but looked at what you gained. As long as we remember the pets we loved they are always with us.