Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Catching Up...

Goat kisses!
Little Clover is doing much much better. We've successfully cleared both her respiratory and coccidiosis infections, yay! Her appetite is awesome and she is a really happy girl. The last issue we are hoping to clear up is her front leg. It appears the infection didn't cause her to limp but rather some radial nerve damage she acquired. We are at a total loss as to how this happened since she was sound the first three days. Although,  she was so sick she wasn't moving around much...

We've started her on steroids for three days to see if it will help clear some internal inflammation. Best case scenario she will recover over the next few weeks. Worse case scenario, she won't but she'll be able to get around, live a full life and still be a happy girl. So win win I say... We are so thankful she is alive and that beat the odds that were hugely stacked against her.
Sweet Snuggle Time
Heading up to the back fence line to watch the Music Man work and gnaw on some grass.
My morning view. Those EARS... I love them!
Kid Rock is a total rock star goat and we are so proud of him. He is active, curious and a blast to watch. He even snuggles when he slows down.

With our recent days filled with healing goat babies I'm a little behind in the happening around the ranch over the last couple of weeks. I'll try and catch you guys up now...

On NYE we had a snow day here at the ranch. The passing storm was the talk of our town since snow storms are not normal for our area. The locals say we do get snow every ten years or so but it melts quickly. We received six inches and it lasted a few days.
I captured this image as the new day was beginning to break, it features our side fence line that we were working on (its done now) I love the texture of the snow covered fence and if you look closely you can see the falling snow. What a gorgeous and surreal day it was!
Our house is now on it's foundation and passed all inspections thus far without a hitch. There's a flurry of activity around it and things are moving along quickly. Our well pump will be placed later this week. We are trenching for the water and power lines and drywall and paint is expected to be finished by the weekend.
We've had a couple drizzly days earlier this week and our cute little wolf in disguise is drying out and relaxing after jumping puddles.
Our lil Punkin Princess is enjoying her shelter and staying dry underneath it.
Harley Man hanging with the girls (note Daisy watching over all of them) love all these amazing beings who we get to be with everyday at the ranch.
Here is another video, this one features Clover trying to wake up Harley man.  The music and the music man playing with Kid in the background is so funny.

Thank you God for this life.  We are so abundantly and incredibly blessed!

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  1. I'm so glad Clover kid is healing. I just love all your animals! And your photography is stunning. You could feature on Good Fences Thursday with TexWisGirl with those lovely fence images.The video is precious too. Great post. Greetings. Jo

  2. Happy Clover is healing. The snow is pretty and it is so nice seeing your dream coming true every one looks so happy:) Hug B

  3. precious interactions with all your critters. :) so glad the house is on its way to being lived in!

  4. Could not be happier for you and yours! There are some things that are simply meant to be, right? Adding a couple of goats...priceless :-)

  5. Oh wow! I love your photos! So happy to have found your blog. Little Clover looks very sweet.

  6. Aww they are just precious (your goats!) I've never seen a dog laying up in a yard of chickens!

  7. really glad you linked this to good fences! the snow-covered fence (and all your hard work) is too good not to share! :)

    1. Thanks T, love to hook up with you when I can :)

  8. great that Clover is healing. Love all the animals in this post and also the video is very sweet.

  9. What cute baby goats! Glad your little guy is on the road to recovery. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  10. I hope little Clover recovers fully and quickly. What adorable photos of such sweet creatures! thank you for sharing them with us!

  11. Those babies are just so adorable...I have always loved baby goats. Never had any dealings with them, though. And that little video is so cute.

  12. Those goats are totally adorable. - Your snowy fence shot was beautiful. Looks like everything is coming along nicely there with your home.

  13. Wow, you got a lot of snow at your beautiful new home! You must be at elevation. Joshua Tree got a few inches, a bit more at higher elevations. I like that shot of the snuggling goats!

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