Saturday, January 3, 2015

Because No One, Especially Babies Are Trash...

I quickly mentioned in our last post that the music man and I saved a couple newborn goats. We were planning on rescuing a couple goats once we were in the house and their pen was built but then this happen...

On the next to last day in 2014 a friend of mine, Lisa who is with Toby's Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. went to a horrific auction and saved a dozen newborn orphaned goats who were hypothermic and slowly dying in a freezing wet trailer. Umbilical cords still attached and blood from their birth still on their fur. These newborn babies were mixed in with others who were no longer living. Sadly all were byproducts of the dairy industry known as "throwaways".

I heard about half of the babies saved that day have sadly passed on as well. Too tiny, too cold and without their mama's milk and warmth the odds were stacked hugely against them. Sometimes helping knowing all you can offer is warmth and love to the sickest ones as they pass is heartbreaking. Hopeful the others will make it and finding homes so urgently is difficult. I'm grateful my friend has the strength to fight for those who need it most.
We took two of the babies in, though fragile they are gaining strength. Both have colds and have been started on antibiotics. They are eating well and starting to show some personality, huge personalities and I can't wait to see them grow. 

Round the clock feedings and diaper changes have us tired. But both babies are gaining strength daily and giving them a chance at life is SO worth the interrupted sleep.  Thank you Deborah for your time and knowledge, I am grateful, my goatie guru.

So in keeping with the adventure tradition here at the ranch we now have a full trailer and even more full days but it's all good. If you're keeping track we have 4 dogs, 2 goats and 2 humans in our camper at nighttime. 
The Music man has named the boy Kid Rock. He said he's a kid and will climb rocks so it makes sense, yep.  And if you know the music man you know it's all about the rock and the roll. Today Kid Rock is feeling really good. He is bouncing around, adventurous and super curious.
We named our sweet little girl Clover. She is really congested but comfortable and continues to get stronger. She is super sweet, snuggly and our little lucky clover. 
Both goats are adorable little miracles who are beating the odds of the "throwaways". I am so grateful we are able to serve these sweeties and all of God's beautiful creations. 
Though not out of the woods I do believe we're heading in the right direction. Please keep Kid Rock and Clover in your thoughts.


  1. what a horrible practice. i've read about mares kept bred for their urine use in premarin products with their foals basically thrown away, too. i hope your little ones make it just fine.

  2. How lucky these two little kids found you both to take care of them. They will certainly thrive with you two helping them along. What a happy little camper you have there! : )

  3. So glad to see that they have found a superb home :)

  4. Jen, your rescue of these precious ones came at a time where I have been learning more about the unspeakable behavior of separating babies from their mothers on some (many? most?) dairy farms. I have found a WONDERFUL dairy goat farm in our area,, and the owner Andrea has been a great educator. I'm now looking for a similarly ethical cow's milk farm. I love cheese, but not at the expense of babies like these.

    You and Music Man are heroes in my book.

    1. Aw thank you Joan. We do what we can. The problem is so huge and there are so many animals in need that if we could all just do a little. .. we could together make a BIG difference.

  5. Oh my goodness, I went from sick to my stomach to falling in love with those precious babies. I knew about the hatchery throwaways but didn't realize this went on in the dairy industry. That is so sick and all form money. These are truly miracle babies.

  6. What cuties. I love goats and they look so fun.

  7. Wow. I can't believe people treat animals like that. Thank God for you!

  8. God bless y'all! How can anyone let those precious babies just waste away? Love the names they've been given. Hope to see more updates on these cuties. Y'all rock!

  9. It really is incomprehensible how some people can just throw away life like it's nothing. God bless you for rescuing these sweet babies. I will for sure keep them in my thoughts and prayers as they grow and get stronger with your love and care. I am in love with them in those sweaters! Too cute!

  10. Hi I just found you from my camera blog, evidently you follow me sorry for not saying hi sooner but I run five blogs and the camera one is the most neglected. I hope these guys made it and I wanted to say thank You yes the capital Y is deliberate so you know it is for you and the music man. XXX Don