Monday, January 27, 2014

We Got Her !!!!

Saturday morning Ms. Punkin joined our family and we are beyond thrilled. She is such a sweetie and when she brays... Oh be still my heart.
Punkin is an 11 y/o donkey who's a chunky little cutie patootie pie. Unlike Chancie and Luna who had challenges before coming to us Punkin has had a wonderful life, full of great care and BIG love. She recently lost her companion (a gelding) that she lived with for ten years and is heartbroken. Her owner made a difficult and selfless decision to re home her so she could have a new herd.
We are so grateful and excited to have her here at the ranch. I think she and Chance will be best of buddies, she is more his speed. I have a temporary fence between them and my guy was a perfect gentlemen in welcoming her. I expected a few fireworks but they were both really calm.  Luna, surprisingly has been very welcoming towards her too.
The music man, monkey and I are smitten and already in love with her. I'm looking forward to seeing her find joy and bloom as she settles in. I know she'll be best buddies with everyone here. Even the Jack and Duke who spent a couple hours laying outside her fence...

Before I go I wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments about Chance and our look back over the last year, thank you. And a quick update on Duke and the elusive gophers.... Well it continues and he is such an efficient digger. He now has a couple holes he can almost get his entire body in!


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  1. oh, welcome sweet punkin! and really glad she can continue in a herd at your place! bless her previous owner...

  2. Oh, I am SO happy for all of you! I've had my heart set on a mini donkey for a while, but fear crabby next door neighbor would not find the beautiful brays appealing. For now I'll have to settle on loving your Punkin from afar! Congratulations :-)

  3. I hope Punkin is accepted warmly in the new family. :)

  4. I LOVE YOUR HERD! Full corral = full hearts!

  5. What a cute donkey! Congratulations :-)

    You asked about Francie - she is doing great. I need to do an update soon. She continues to lunge with a saddle and this week I introduced a gentle rubber bit for the first time. I am hoping to be able to get on her this Spring. She's coming along well on the lunge line.

  6. Awww, she is so pretty! And looks like she is settling in nicely already. I'm so glad you could bring her home and give her some new friends!

  7. I enjoyed meeting Punkin - the sweetest pictures ever with her new family. LOVE!! Congratulations, Hugs and scritches to all of your sweet crew from us! -Tammy

  8. oh I love donkeys and moreso to see them treated with love.