Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sunset at the lake

Last night my daughter was home, no work or school so she was able to help with some of the evening chores. So what would I do with a little bit of free time? Yep,I bounced over to the lake and shot the sunset.
 This is the Kayak and Canoe dock at Lake Skinner and I had it all to myself. I know I'm a lucky girl.
 The park ranger was very nice too and let me stay a few minutes after the park closed
so I could get this shot. The light was amazing and I just couldn't leave until it did.  Thanks Monkey for blanketing and feeding last night.  I sure love life in our hood!

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Happy Hump Day Peeps


  1. glorious light! wonderfully done!

  2. Very beautiful pictures, wonderful, soft lights and colors. I was trapped me in them!

  3. How nice was that park ranger! Beautiful pictures. :)

  4. What a nice park ranger. Fantastic images and the last one is my favorite.

  5. Jen, How glorious - water, mountain, trees, sky - all of it.

  6. I really can't believe how good that last shot is. Like a page out of National Geographic! The colors are so spot on and amazing. I love the tree in the shot as well.

  7. Wow - spectacular shots.