Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Rambling Wednesday

Life is good.

Our days are full and everyone is well.

The weather is warm and we haven't had any rain this month. A first time in history they say.

We are so very dry. Every thing is dusty and this winter has been strange to say the least.

This warm weather has been great for the garden. My chard, kale and peas are doing awesome.
The girls seem to be enjoying it as well. In fact Dixie laid an egg today, the first one in 3 month! This has been the longest molt ever...But it appears we are almost done, yay! Three of our girls are laying now we just need the other five to start.
Chancie's sore. Nothing happened.  I just noticed he was a little off Saturday and stiff by Sunday so perhaps some arthritis in his shoulder? He's been resting, getting massages and getting to know Punkin who by the way is adorable.
Oh my gosh I can't stop giving her hugs and kisses.  Look at those eyes... Pure kindness and she's loving all the attention. The music man calls during the day as well to check on her. She seems to be settling right in and I'm hopeful all three of them will be a happy herd. For now though we have her with Chancie only and in time we'll add Luna to the mix.
Duke has mastered the art of digging huge holes but the gophers remain elusive.
and we've been enjoying some gorgeous sunsets. I know I say it all the time but I really do love my hood.


  1. Reading this was the perfect way to start my day! Now, I shall go shovel some snow :-) Have a great rest of the week!

  2. i love that you love punkin! :) and duke just makes me laugh. gonna have to nickname him bill murray.

  3. Sweet pics of your critters! I especially love the first one of the girls. You must've been down on their level for that one.

  4. I love your cute chickens! I'm glad they are wrapping up their molts. And so happy that punkin is settling in well :)

  5. Such great shots. I love the look of your bright sunshine.

  6. OK, now I'm homesick for warmer weather!