Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year New Day...

What a busy couple of days, phew... Happy New Year friends! The music man's band played for our city's NYE Grape Drop. We sure had a great time ringing in 2014 with lots of friends, old and new.
The next morning after chores I had a photo shoot here at the ranch. I'm still working up the photos but wanted to share a couple of them here. I'm loving them so far...

What did you guys do to ring in the New Year?


  1. beautiful horse and rider photos. nicely done!

  2. Your photos are so awesome! We were pretty low key this year for NYE. Ate dinner with some friends then played board games at their house til midnight. But last year we just stayed at home alone, so this year we were a little more adventurous haha. I've never been a partier!

  3. Love all these photos !
    Great photo shoot ~ course I am partial because there is a horse in it lol
    But seriously ~gorgeous.

  4. Love the horse and rider. Really beautiful.

  5. How fun to be ringing in the New Year while listening to a wonderful band. :) Pretty pics you got there.

  6. Beautiful pics, as usual! We were in bed by 11pm. We are wusses :-)