Sunday, October 28, 2012

capturing an "I Do"

I had my first wedding shoot yesterday and I was so nervous going in. Knowing if it wasn't perfect we couldn't have a re do so every shot counted and to top it off i met the bride and groom an hour before the ceremony, yikes!

You're probably wondering how the heck i got this gig if i didn't even know the people, right. The groom is friend of a friend of mine who's in one of the music man's bands.

Jerry and Louise were incredibly nice and so very appreciative that i felt at ease immeditaly after meeting them which made for a super fun and beautiful day. I definitely enjoy landscape, concert and rough stock photography...Weddings are A LOT of work that make for long days (flash back to cupcake days and a broken back) but if i'm being honest it felt pretty awesome knowing i was able to capture pieces of their special day forever. A lot of work yep but a privilage for sure.

The view included a neighboring winery.