Wednesday, August 29, 2012

home sweet home

Last week was great, vacations are great and being back home is the greatest. Seems we are always so excited to get away yet all of us are always so happy to be back home, time away is funny like that.
Wednesday we celebrated my great aunts 89th Birthday. She is an amazingly kind, generous and joyful person and I am thankful i was able to go up north and celebrate with her and her best est buddies at a luncheon my mama hosted.
I had such a nice time and the salad was delish.

Friday we took off and met my sister and her family for a weekend of beach camping. We chose a beach we camped  at several times at as kids and had fun memories of. 

Funny thing time is, fast forward 30 years and this campground is not so great. We set up camp and sat down for a cold drink when a train came by, no biggy right... Seems the trains come by the track we were camped by every 32 minutes 24 hours a day and while we remembered the beach area nice years before it has been battered,  left dirty and sadly there were many  people who appeared to be living there.
My parent came over and spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with us at an adjoining beach which was much nicer. The music man and i went on a bike ride,
the kids played a game of scrabble and we bbq'd hot dogs. 
this is the good beach
We did have a fun time, I'm always thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family and that both monkey and the bug came out to play with us but oh boy am i happy to be off that air mattress, shaking of the ground and super loud trains to my comfy quiet bed!


  1. There's no place like home but trips with family are pretty awesome!!!

  2. What a awesome trip!
    Happy Birthday to your Aunt, What a beautiful lady!
    I hope to look as half as good as her at 89!!!

  3. Thanks Karin, so true :) @Hesper, me too sister