Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach day!

Seems that a couple weeks ago when my parents were here to celebrate my birthday,  the gift they got me was on back order.  A few days ago my parents surprised us with a mid week visit to drop off my gift and holy moly what a generous and amazing gift it is...I'm typing this post on my new lap top! This baby is SO nice!  Oh my gosh i haven't had a new computer in years and today's technology is no less then awesome. I am a bit computer challanged but am excited to figure all the features it offers out.

I've been working on my "sunset shots" but when visiting a local photo store to pick a sun hood, my nifty 50 was bumped and my AF stopped working. I took the lens to a specialist a few cities over to get fixed and picked it up over the weekend.  With it now working and back in my hands we drove over to the beach for a days adventure. I took a few pics and with the new lap top, was able to make this video.
I  wasn't able to get all the shots onto the video due to a size error and couldn't figure out how to add music so here are the missing pics, I'll try again after i read up on adding music and size restraint info.


  1. How wonderful! What a great gift!

  2. nice going mom and dad....!!!
    you'll be enjoying that gift Jen..geez....
    when you've figured it out - call me and I'll come for my lessons:-)

    love the pics and video...this weekend..H.B. with the river gang? you in????