Friday, November 11, 2011

What a view!

The music man and I are off and enjoying our Fall adventure in this incredible place of non stop movement. There is a constant buzzing of people, cars and machinery that seem to go 24/7. The lights are bright, the food is amazing and the views are incredible.

an amazing view

Day one we visited the Empire State Building and looked down on the Chrysler Building and the entire city.


What a view this was, incredible. Of course we visited the Italian Neighborhood and had a snack. With full bellies we went to Ground Zero


and visited St Paul's Church. What a beautiful building this is and such a comfort for those who live here.

Okay off to get some rest and ready ourselves for day two.


  1. What a busy day! Sounds like you both are having fun. :)

  2. Great pictures Jen...enjoy your trip...

    the lines at Velonas????

    two days in a row.....out to the parking lot.

  3. Beautiful pics! Just stunning!
    Enjoy the next few days, friend!

  4. DH and i thoroughly enjoy your pics always!