Saturday, November 12, 2011

day 2

Today we jumped on a ferry boat and visited Liberty and Ellis Islands. Where again the views were amazing. This shot is off the back of the boat looking towards the city we just left.

NY view


It was really cold and windy out on the water, no worries though...
I was prepared and happily wore some of my hand knits that rarely see the light of day in So Cal.

Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island

The trees on the islands were so pretty and lucky us they were sharing their fall colors. They really were fun to photograph. The history was interesting too, especially at Ellis. We spent hours today walking around, amazed at the harsh history and determination for freedom the people who came through there.

We've been riding the rails around the city too and have yet to take cab. Thankfully people are nice and our buddies are good map readers. There is an entire busy and noisy underground city where you can always hear the buzz of the rail and get a breeze as the train enters the tunnels.

We finished the day with a wonderful dinner at a Spanish restaurant where we enjoyed Top pas, this was a first for me and they were Delicious!

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