Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello November

I know I've said it before but i really love this time of year. The weather has cooled and has been down right cold for So Cal anyways. We have had a couple days of rain with a few more expected over the next week. The night temps have been in the mid 30's and are expected to continue for a while.


Our heater runs on propane in the new house which is 3X's more expensive then natural gas so we have been enjoying the fireplace instead. No complains here, there's something really special about this room of our home that brings out family time. Whether its playing a game, reading a book, knitting or watching something on the TV there is something wonderful about these shorter days and cold nights i am really loving right now.

Not Nola's, these are mine

I even cranked out a pair of warm woollies aka Nolas Slippers for my cold tootsies while watching football Sunday. This is a super simple and quick knit, you can check out the pattern here.

I'll be heading out soon on a Fall adventure and am looking forward to sharing some pics when i get back. Wishing you all a wonderful and cozy week ahead.


  1. Looks very warm and cozy...only thing missing?

    Food!!! I know you rock in the kitchen so I'm sure the family has been enjoying some cold weather food as well.

    Have a GREAT trip and we'll be looking forward to pics and posts!

  2. I always enjoy this part of the year as well. Cold evenings with our wood stove. Heaven!

  3. How cozy to sit in front of that wonderful fireplace! Can't wait to see where you go for the Fall adventure. Have fun! :)

  4. What a simply stunning fireplace!
    And those slippers are just grand!
    So much coziness, I love it, Friend!!!!!