Sunday, November 13, 2011

day 3 a heavy picture post

Oh my gosh today we spent hours walking around Central Park and it was gorgeous! We have been here a few days now but today is the first time I've seen any dirt, grass or tree's to speak of. The city is all cement, high rise buildings and is visited daily by 5 million people! The park is huge and had some much needed elbow room. The colors are amazing.

central park

central park

boat house lake

We ate lunch at the famous Boat House restaurant and


visited Strawberry Fields, John Lennon's memorial.


We were told the park is 6 1/2 miles around and we walked about all of it. At sunset we took a quick tour bus ride over to Time Square, seriously check out all the people and traffic...

time square

This picture encapsulates our trip so far, it really is something to expeirence the lights, noise and movement of this city.

time square

From here we walked to Rockefeller square and finished the night in Hell's Kitchen in an Italian Restaurant that was SO good, finally some good Italian food, yay.

radio city

Day 3 and we are having a blast! We have seen so much and still have much to see. I am thankful for great friends who are fun travel buddies and i know i mentioned this before but really good map readers too, haha. With there skills I am sure we will hit every tourist spot and see everything this city has to offer before we head back home.


  1. What a wonderful trip!!! The pictures really capture the City, such great memories for you and your friends - any Purl Soho?

    If not...that's a good reason for a return trip one day..

    love the pic of you and Music Man (Hi D.)

  2. I love these photos! I feel like I took the walk with you! :o)